And here we are today...

...because success is a journey!


Inspiring Unique Perspective. 

In - dive into a situation with different eyes and understanding. 

UP - move the given situation positively forward. 

That's InUP Consulting in a nutshell.

And how was the journey? Challenging, winding, beautiful, interesting and edifying. Just the way the journey of professional life should be. It led us up-to here. From student, part-time jobs with a shovel in our hands to small wins in the world of adults. From facing the tough reality of business enterprising to senior management roles within multinational corporations.      

We've learned from wise, educated and successful people. But we've also learned from those whose glass is always half empty. We've been through hundreds of training hours on both sides of the teacher's desk. And of course we've got the most important experience - dozens of years working with & for people from all around the world. We don't measure our success with the number of diplomas or other prizes. A simple Thank You is what we value most. Thank You from a person who we've been helping to find his/her journey of success.

Today, we still haven't got answers to everything. We are learning every day. We're stumbling, falling and yet we're rising again. And we carry on! Because our glass is always half full. Because challenging and winding roads are real life. A life that will flash before your eyes one day and you'll say to yourself: "Wow, what a superb ride!" 

So here we are today. Well prepared and willing to help you experience a superb ride.

Your InUP team.

Something more about us. From a different point of view.

⚬    Your satisfaction and success is our top priority.

⚬    We communicate openly and honestly.

⚬    We listen actively. Everything you tell us stays between us.

⚬    We ask for a feedback.

⚬    We set and ask for specific expectations.

⚬    We think positively. We think big and out of the box.

⚬    We take every change as an opportunity.

⚬    We do the right thing even when nobody is watching.

⚬    We work with passion and enthusiasm. We love our jobs.

⚬    We learn every day.

⚬    WHAT & HOW are equally important to us.

⚬    We manage our time effectively.

⚬    We actively innovate.

⚬    We aim to be extraordinary and create value added.