Everything for your success.

CV creation

A high class curriculum vitae (CV) is like a high class business suit. It must be tailor made to make you feel comfortable and represent you in the best possible way. You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Your CV very often plays the role of your first contact with a potential employer and its quality can influence whether the door for a job opportunity is opened or not.

We've seen and analysed hundreds of CVs. Unfortunately, the majority of the candidates didn't earn the desired credit as they didn't invest in a quality CV.

Invest in quality. We will help you with a tailor made CV that opens every door and significantly helps your credibility.

Job interview preparation

From time to time we had to prepare for our own interviews, but mainly we've been those on the other side. Managers who had to decide who is the right candidate for a given job. 

This experience gives us a unique point of view that will help you succeed at any job interview.

Recruiting & hiring support

It's a proven fact that one of the worst investments a company can make is a bad hire. Our long-term experience in this key business area will help you to make the right decision. A hire which will be a great investment in the area of human resources.

Soft-skills training

Professional trainers used to love us. Thanks to us, their training used to be more fun, tangible and eye-opening. Why? Because we've been able to share real examples. We've been able to match presented theory with our own experience.

A few years later we had an opportunity to become professional trainers. We accepted the challenge and now we're able to provide professional and tailor made training. Training which combines theory with real experience. Unique training created thanks to a unique point of view.

Our training develops the following soft-skills:

⚬ Communication skills
⚬ Leadership
⚬ Influencing
⚬ Interpersonal skills
⚬ Personal skills
⚬ Creativity
⚬ Professional skills

Individual development plan 

If you want to find the successful route to your goal, InUP Consulting is one of the best ways to start. Individual development plan, just like a high class CV, requires a tailor made approach. We will help you set SMART objectives leading to your desired goals. 

Mentoring and Coaching

We're mentoring and we're being mentored. We're coaching and we're being coached. It gives us a unique 360° perspective and possibility to successfully mentor and coach you.

Of course we're able to provide mentoring only within our areas of expertise. These are mainly communications, time management, leadership, creativity, personal development and positive thinking.

Successful coaching requires a professional coach, but the most important is a motivated and experienced coachee willing to change something in a positive way. 

Virtual boss

There are both pros and cons in having a boss. By using a simple (non)mathematical formula we've eliminated all cons. So we're able to provide you the service of the best boss in the world.

"Manager is an assistant to his men" - so simply and wisely said by Thomas J. Watson, former CEO of IBM. Our virtual boss is your assistant. He's a mentor, coach, friend, family, mediator, psychologist or active listener. The best boss in the world is able to adapt to your particular situation, has his emotional intelligence at 100% and will give you whatever it takes to move positively forward.

You can switch a virtual boss on and off anytime. He isn't asking why you want a day off on Friday, he doesn't look over your shoulder and he isn't checking if you're back from your lunch break on time.

What can a virtual boss do for you:

Constructive feedback - ask for feedback on a presentation you're preparing or a meeting you just facilitated. Eventually ask for feedback on feedback you gave someone.

Motivation - In case you're a boss without a boss you need strong inner discipline to stick to deadlines or start new things. In a nutshell - to get the most out of yourself. Activate the virtual boss to review your goals, milestones, tasks and agree on a regular control mechanism.

Active listening - sometimes all you need to do is to vent. Your virtual boss is an expert in transforming negative energy into positive. He knows what it takes to work under pressure and face challenging situations with his peers, customers, suppliers, subordinates or managers.

Mentor - more in section "Mentoring and Coaching"

Coach - more in section "Mentoring and Coaching"

Mediator - more in section "Mediation"


Our latest experience has proven once again, that a different perspective makes miracles. It was very challenging to get everyone into the same meeting room and restrain negative energy and emotions. But if you have wise people around the table, who just got lost in ineffective communication, we can successfully help. We can, because they want to help themselves. Should you got lost in your professional or personal life, we're ready to help.

Business process optimization

Sometimes it just takes some fine tuning. Sometimes a complex reconstruction is required. It's all about the right perspective. Business process optimization is a set of everlasting actions to assure permanent customer and employee satisfaction. To put it simply - to get maximum results with minimal investment.

Optimization and innovation are in our DNA. For years, these have been an essential part of our daily activities and successfully serve our former/current customers, employees and employers. It would be our pleasure to assist you, too. 

Change management

We've learned to take every change as an opportunity. Every change has been a lesson and has moved us in a positive direction. When it comes to changes, basic questions play one of the most important roles. What are we going to change? Why? How? When? Who will be driving the change? Who and what will be influenced by this change?

A different perspective will effectively help your planned change.